Daily Reflection

Daily Reflection — Wednesday 30 September 2020

By Ronnie Strong


Read 24 : 22-27 The adjournment by Felix


Felix found himself 'on the horns of a dilemma'. He could not convict Paul since the Sanhedrin found no fault in him (23v9) and also Tertullus had been unable to substantiate his charges (24w5-8).  However, he was unwilling to release Paul, partly because he hoped for a bribe and partly because he wanted to curry favour with the Jews (v27). So his only other option was to postpone a verdict on the pretext that he needed the tribune’s advice" when Lysias the commander comes I will decide your case."


Paul's talk with Felix became so personal that Felix grew fearful. Felix had seduced his wife, Drucilla, from her rightful husband and secured her for himself. When Paul spoke about faith in Christ Jesus, focussing on 'righteousness, self-control and judgement to come', he was presenting Jesus as Saviour and Lord in whom Felix and Drucilla should put their trust. It is interesting to note that Paul 'never proclaimed the good news in a vacuum, however, but always in a context, the personal context of his hearers.'


It is also interesting that Felix sent for Paul frequently and talked with him, 'at the same time hoping that Paul would offer him a bribe'. Did Felix know that Paul had something more precious than money, something which money cannot buy? It is a thoughtful question, but unfortunately there is no evidence that Felix ever surrendered his life to Christ and was redeemed.  On the contrary, when Porcius Festus succeeded to the procuratorship, Felix still left Paul in prison (v27) because 'he wanted to grant a favour to the Jews.'  Historians report that this was all to no purpose, and that he was dismissed from his governorship and only the influence of his brother, Pallas, saved him from execution.



Heavenly Father, it is yet again most interesting and encouraging to read about your dear servant Paul, and his continuing zeal for proclaiming the good news about his Christian faith. Today we give thanks for all who are called to be your faithful witnesses —those ordained and lay — praying that they will ever be mindful of Jesus' Great Commission to "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, "and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Amen.



Hymn 465 (H & P) We have a gospel to proclaim.




Verse 1

We have a gospel to proclaim

Good news for all throughout the earth;

The gospel of a Saviour’s name:

We sing His glory, tell His worth.




Verse 2

Tell of His birth at Bethlehem,

Not in a royal house or hall

But in a stable dark and dim:

The Word made flesh, a light for all.


Verse 3

Tell of His death at Calvary,

Hated by those He came to save;

In lonely suffering on the cross

For all He loved, His life He gave.


Verse 4

Tell of that glorious Easter morn:

Empty the tomb, for He was free.

He broke the power of death and hell

That we might share His victory.


Verse 5

Tell of His reign at God’s right hand,

By all creation glorified;

He sends His Spirit on His Church

To live for Him, the Lamb who died.


Verse 6

Now we rejoice to name Him King:

Jesus is Lord of all the earth.

This gospel message we proclaim:

We sing His glory, tell His worth.